Shipping Software

Shipping Software

Shipping Software

As there has been an increasing spike in the use of e-commerce, there is also a need to integrate shipping software into your e-commerce business. This software has made shipping and delivery processes a lot easier. But before going into its numerous benefits, let us understand what shipping software means. 

What is shipping software?

Shipping software refers to a platform that automates the process of shipping and delivery to customers. Shipping software can be fused in with your e-commerce platform giving you a scope on how much shipping might cost. It could also help in tracking goods from when it leaves the warehouse to the point of destination. 

The Cost of Shipping Software

With its amazing features, shipping software can be purchased at a good price. There are plans that you can subscribe to and the price all depends on the plan you choose. The plan on the lower end could cost about $30 per month. The higher plan, on the other hand, could go for hundreds of dollars. This usually has the best features. You can also opt for the intermediate plan which goes for about $60. There are also free plans available for some software but they often contain fewer features. Hence, it is always better to subscribe to a plan to get maximum results. 

The main duty of shipping software is to help determine costs and charges. This begs the question: How exactly are these charges determined? When determining shipping costs, some factors should be considered. These factors include; the size of the package, dimensional weight, surcharges, taxes, insurance, and delivery time. The major things to consider first are the dimensional weight and size of the package.

Many shipping companies determine their pricing by comparing the dimensional weight and the size of the package. If the dimensional weight is greater than the size of the page, then the dimensional weight is used to determine the pricing and vice versa. 

Advantages of Shipping Software

Now that shipping software has been explained, we will look at some of its benefits. The following are advantages of shipping software to business owners and consumers alike:

Easy Tracking for Customers

Shipping software relieves customers of the burden of worrying about where their package is or if they will ever get it. With the amazing tracking feature, customers can easily follow their package on the journey and know the details of its arrival every step of the way.

Various Delivery Options

Customers are given the choice to pick where they would like their package to be delivered. As one customer might prefer for their package to land at their doorstep, others might prefer to pick it up at the store. The delivery option could also affect shipping costs as picking your package up at a collection point can be getting it dropped at your house.

Provision for Feedback

Feedback is a very important factor for customers when it comes to shopping. Customers are more likely to take the reviews of other customers seriously. Feedback affects the credibility of your business. Customers want to be sure if they are making the right choice. Some shipping software has created the option to leave feedback for business owners and future customers.  Different shipping software offers different features with relatively different prices. You just have to choose the one that best suits you and your business. Some of the top shipping software include; ShippingEasy, Shopify Shipping, ShipStation, Ordoro, just to mention a few. 

The future of shipping software is looking more promising as different business owners see reasons for how it could benefit them and their customers. Needless to say, it is important to be well aware of the type of software you are going for and its features before purchasing.

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Overview of Shipping Software

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