Speed Up Website

Speed Up Website

Speed Up Website

Tips On How To Speed Up Website

Speed has a lot of positive impact on a site; it helps to increase conversion rate, improve SEO and also encourage your users to keep coming back to your site. It is important to improve your site’s speed so as to improve your site’s performance, gain more organic traffic, keep visitors coming back on your site and convert your visitors to customers.

However, there as some factors that reduce website speed, and in order to tackle these challenges, we came up with a list of incredible tips to speed up websites.

Tips To Help You Speed Up Websites

Check Site Performance

By constantly checking a site’s speed, a developer can detect faults when there is any that slows the speed of a site. Hence, he can figure out a way to solve the problem so as to improve the site’s speed. There are lots of resources that help you to check the speed of a site, with these tools, you can easily detect the fault and fix it.

Photo Optimization

Images are one of the major factors that slow the speed of a website due to their large file size. So, to speed up websites, you have to optimize photos, this can be done by simply editing your photos by reducing their dimension, resolution, compressing your photos, etc. The aim here is to reduce the photo size and still retain the photo quality. And there are tons of free tools that will help you to do that online.

Minify Some Files Like CSS

Minifying simply means getting rid of those things that your site does not need in performing its task, this way, your site will have some space. So in order to speed up websites, you have to take this measure.

Avoid Redirect If Possible

Redirects are also one of the factors that reduce website speed. Redirect happens when a visitor is taken to another page instead of the page he clicked. Redirects reduce your site speed, so if you want to improve and speed up websites always try not to use them. Although you can’t avoid redirects in some cases but try not to use them when there is an alternative.

Make Use Of Browser HTTP Caching

With browser cache, browsers can temporarily save copies of stationary files so as to load recently visited pages fast. Website builders can program browsers to cache parts of a webpage that won’t change always. This way, browser caching instructions can go into the HTTP section from the server. This helps to minimize the amount of data needed by the server to transfer to the browser, speed up a website for web visitors that frequently visit a particular page.

Use The Right DNS Service

DNS is one of the major factors that slow the speed of a website. More about a DNS: A DNS is a server with information about IP address and their related hostnames. When a website visitor keys in a domain name, the DNS will translate it into the IP address which shows the website.

Some DNS service providers are slow which is not good for your site’s loading speed, so, if you notice that your site’s speed is low due to a slow DNS, you can switch to a service provider that offers high-speed DNS service.

Use The Right Hosting Option

Although the cheapest hosting option might be enough for you when you are starting out, you'll have to upgrade to a greater package once you start getting more traffic from your site. This will help you to speed up website.

For instance, the price of the cheapest hosting platform which is shared hosting can be $4 for some web hosting platforms, although this is a nice option for beginners, you'll need to upgrade to VPS hosting when your site traffic increases to help speed up website. Now, when you are using VPS hosting you’ll have more space and your site’s loading speed will increase. However, dedicated hosting is the highest and it has a lot of space, so when your traffic increases to the extent that VPS hosting will not be able to handle it, you can move it to dedicated hosting.

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