UK Payment Gateway

UK Payment Gateway

UK Payment Gateway

The UK has always been an early adopter of internet use and online shopping and payments. 94% of United Kingdom residents have access to the internet. Moving to online payment providers was a natural progression for most tech savvy consumers in the UK.



Stripe is an Irish-founded web development and information technology company based in San Francisco, the United States and Dublin.The company currently offers both paid and free web application programming interfaces and payment processing software for online e-commerce sites. Stripe has also been one of the founding members of the FDI Network, an internet marketing alliance. Stripe's primary product is its application programming interface (API) which enables easy access to and creation of interactive online pages. Stripe's API was developed in house by a small group of software engineers, but independent parties have since released modules for creating similar products. In addition to the Stripe API, the company also offers affiliate programs, website building tools and website promotion services.

Stripe's list of global clients includes some of the world's largest financial companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discovery Communications, Capital One and Citibank. However, other US companies like Intuit and Oracle are Stripe's customers as well. Stripe uses a custom-designed payment processor called Stripe Card which accepts the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Stripe also provides its customers with a network of over 50 million websites that use its payment processor services.

The benefits of working with Stripe include the use of its online payment processing software. Since Stripe allows customers to pay with their credit cards, the company does not need to maintain a separate payment processing line. This means that no additional staff or resources are necessary to maintain a separate payment processing line. Stripe works with its customers directly through its API. As a result, Stripe does not need to handle, store or support any online transactions or data.



PayPal, a leading provider of internet payment services, has recently partnered with Braintree, an Internet payments company. PayPal holds, inc. xocai, a stake in Braintree, through a definitive partnership between the two companies. PayPal and Braintree are both businesses that are dedicated to making online payment processing easier and faster for their customers and have each made strong investments in their respective technologies and systems to accomplish their goals.

PayPal and Braintree have each made strong efforts to position themselves as leaders in e-commerce. Braintree's focus has been on developing a more robust and accepted system for accepting payments from merchants who accept PayPal payments. PayPal, on the other hand, has focused on its marketing strategy to increase sales and attract new customers. By signing on with Braintree, a business owner can benefit from PayPal's powerful marketing reach, as well as the one time cost associated with using a PayPal business account. PayPal's payment processing technology will allow a business owner the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits while maintaining his or her business's competitive edge.

The use of PayPal is the next chapter in internet-based commerce. PayPal offers one-time payment options that make accepting online payments easy for merchant accounts holders, while offering them a way to broaden their client base. By partnering with a provider like PayPal, businesses owners can benefit from the convenience of a worldwide merchant account, as well as the affordability and security of PayPal's payment processing technology. For more information about using PayPal, see their website.



Opayo, formerly Sage Pay, was founded by Elavon. He has been in the mobile payments business for more than seven years. In this capacity, he developed the software that powers Opayo. It was founded in 2001.

In order to take advantage of the growing business potential in Europe, the Opayo company has developed an easy-to-use interface that permits its clients to make their own Opayo application through the Internet. This service, known as 'OPayshop', is accessible from any browser. Customers need not be techies to use it because the instructions are presented in simple English text form. Merchants wishing to add their deliveries to the Opayo application must simply download the free software. Their orders will then be processed and submitted to the Opayo supplier via the Internet.

Customers of Opayo enjoy a two-fold benefit of using their credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks when they make OPAYO purchases: They can complete their online transactions from anywhere with internet access and they can process their orders faster than if they went to a retail location. Through the card details they provide, the customer can enter the delivery address, date of birth and contact number of their chosen Opayo supplier. A special token, known as the 'Opayo token' is then sent to the Opayo supplier with instructions to send the goods purchased on a specified delivery date. The tokens themselves are non-transferable but their value is guaranteed for as long as the Opayo supply continues to trade.



Briantree is a very successful small business based out of Chicago, which specialises in wireless and internet payment systems for online retailers. Briantree offers a very robust set of tools for managing all aspects of your online storefront including web payments, inventory, sales tracking, order management, and customer service. They have integrated their systems with PayPal, Sagepay, MegaPay, and Citibank to allow you to accept all major credit cards and electronic checks at no extra cost. They currently offer the most advanced point-to-sale software available on the market and they are constantly adding new tools and features to keep your website up to date.

Briantree started out as an E-commerce fulfillment company called Greenfield which was sold to NetIQ. The name was changed to Briantree when they were purchased by Acxiom in 2007. While NetIQ and Acxiom continue to operate independently, Briantree has absorbed many of their features and functions. As of this writing, they are one of the largest full service E-commerce fulfillment companies in the world. With the addition of Greenfield, their line of payment methods will be named the payment token or the Briantree token.

The merchant account is very easy to work with and they provide step by step instructions for a quick and easy setup. They also offer a secure merchant account credit card terminal with built in fraud protection for an affordable monthly fee. Once your merchant account is established, you will have access to thousands of merchants and products from hundreds of countries. This means that your customers can shop in any country in the world and pay with any credit card. Briantree also has a complete range of software products that you can use to manage and promote your business including a marketing software package that includes online catalogs, a shopping cart software package, web development and hosting packages, and merchant services.



Bluesnap is international payments processing startup that views E-commerce a little differently than other companies. Not only do they look at it as a market space to profit from, but they look at it as a learning experience. They are payment specialists, veteran programmers, technical experts, and industry veterans who are always on the lookout for a better method, a more efficient system, or a product to suit all needs of their clients and customers. This is how they view their business and how they will continue to view E-commerce:

As a payment processing company, Bluesnap looks to provide the most secure and efficient payment processing available on the Internet. In fact, with over 25 years of industry experience in payment processing systems, Bluesnap processes more than two billion dollars per month and continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year. The security, speed, reliability, and simplicity provided by their product is unmatched to any other online payment method, and they are constantly seeking ways to increase the quality of their services and products. If you ask them about what they believe their strongest assets are, they'll tell you that they have the best collection of merchant services around today.

This is important to understand: With so many different payment methods available, you must be able to keep up with them if you want to stay a player in your market. Bluesnap realises this, and because of their emphasis on security and their merchant accounts, they're well-known for not only processing unsecured credit cards, but for processing all types of major credit cards as well. So if you need to process these types of cards, you won't find it hard to find a compatible program, which is exactly why they've grown so much in the few years. In addiion, if you need to accept only debit and credit card payments, or need their advanced features including SSLs and verification, then you won't find a better platform.



Cardstream is a PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant company offering payment services on a highly scalable, flexible and robust online payment platform. Cardstream continues to rapidly expand on a global network of over 400 acquirers; several fraud management providers; and other payment systems. This growing reach has given Cardstream the ability to offer advanced fraud protection for merchants in a cost-effective manner. Cardstream also offers complete website development/marketing, website implementation, web development and hosting, and portal development services.

The Cardstream company operates in six continents over the course of eighteen months and boasts nearly one million cardholders worldwide. Cardstream's international reach gives it the ability to handle credit and debit card payments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With this kind of availability, the company is able to respond quickly to customer orders and can meet the needs of merchants anywhere in the world. This level of service gives merchants the ability to accept payments from anywhere they are, at any time. Cardstream offers several methods of fraud management, including Cardstream e-checks, merchant cash advances, and a fraud management system. Cardstream fraud management uses advanced algorithms to monitor credit and debit card activity, in order to prevent, detect, and respond to fraudulent activity.

Cardstream's scalable, secure and flexible payment system allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments with minimal staffing and minimal IT resources. Cardstream's card processing technology empowers merchants to make more money by lowering capital investment, increasing profits and eliminating business waste. In addition to offering low rates and consistent service, Cardstream makes it easy for customers to contact their customers as well as easy for them to track their purchases. Cardstream strives to continuously improve its systems so that merchants can increase profitability and increase customer service.



Shopify is an E-commerce software solution provider that helps business owners to provide their online stores with tools to manage their business. The company offers an extensive range of online services such as web promotion and internet marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), product catalogs, and online store management. Shopify Inc. was founded by two men, Richard Conroy and Mike Wright, who developed and sold the very first Shopify website software. Since then, the company has grown to employ more than 400 people, with a heavy focus on providing online services for business owners.

The company provides a free platform and is compatible with most of the popular shopping carts such as Jigoshop, Presto, Buddy Store, and more. Shopify has been successful not only because of its comprehensive range of products and services, but also because of its user-friendly website and extensive customer support. Since online store management requires considerable technical skills, Shopify offers affordable and convenient online store set-up, design and maintenance. Customer service is always available round the clock. In addition, the company offers regular training programs and workshops that help employees learn new techniques and enhance their skills.

Most online store owners have been using Shopify since it offers the most comprehensive range of features and tools, along with excellent customer support. There is no wonder why Shopify is considered to be one of the leading platforms in the world. If you are looking to start an online store, using Shopify will be a great choice because it is one of the most user-friendly and affordable options available on the market. Moreover, you will find that most problems associated with online stores can usually be solved by simply following the directions provided by the support team. Furthermore, if you are thinking about making additional money using the Shopify platform, there are a number of opportunities available for you to sell additional products and services.

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Shopify is a software company that specialises in ecommerce software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Shopify is listed as the best ecommerce software related to Ecommerce Platforms. Shopify was founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada and currently has over 6,124 employees registered on Linkedin.

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