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Definition Of A Website Maker

A website maker (online website builder or web builder) is a special category of a CMS (content management system). Unlike traditional CMSs, which are designed for larger websites, online website makers are created to build smaller websites and do not require specific technical knowledge and skills.

Characteristics Of Website Builders

Website builders allow creating a website with full functionalities. In addition, it is very easy to design the website as well as upload and update your content, video or audio files. Most website builders provide user-friendly interfaces.

Today’s website makers follow the main principle of CMS - they strictly separate the ideas of design and content. The most important plus of this principle is that websites that are created following this approach are indexed by search engines more easily.

Besides, this approach makes it easy to implement changes to the design and templates of the website.

Website builders are convenient to use by individuals, small businesses, freelancers, startups, etc.

Online And Offline Website Builders

The main types of website builders are online and offline platforms. Online platforms are web-based systems, which run on the server of the provider company. In order to use these platforms, you need only a web browser.

In case of offline website makers, you need to download and install a software package on your computer. After building your website, you upload it and publish. An example of offline website builders is Rapidweaver.

These two options have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them.

Advantages Of Online Website Builders

Here are the pros of using online website builders:

  • There is no necessity for installing a program on your server
  • You can build your site from anywhere you want.
  • You do not need to update software system.
  • The same company will provide you with a site builder and web hosting.
  • You do not need to buy software system.
  • Most site makers have absolutely free packages.

Advantages Of Offline Website builders

Here are the pros of using online website builders:

  • You do not necessarily have to be online to be able to work on your site
  • You do not depend heavily on the company providing website builder services.

Nowadays online website builders are getting more popular along with the increase of the speed and accessibility of internet.

How To Use a Website Builder?

Each Website builder has its characteristics and may work with some differences. If you want to know all the unique features of a certain website maker, you may explore the tutorials of that particular company.

If you want to build a website through a website builder, the following 10 steps will cover the basic workflow.

Step 1. Choose A Website Maker

As this is the most crucial step, we will discuss it in detail, and then we will only list the rest of steps.

When choosing a website builder, pay attention to the following features:

Easy To Use

The website builder should allow you to use it from without specific technical knowledge. Try to find drag-and-drop functionalities, as well as a website editor, which will be designed for beginners. This feature along with user-friendly interface and simple tools will help you set up and run you website without spending much resources.

Customer Support

Customer support has an important role, because it is very essential to know that you can contact someone who will help you anytime you need.

Variety Of Website Templates

You will work more easily on your website with a website builder, which offers wide variety of templates and you can choose one you like the most.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, it is mandatory for all businesses to have a mobile solution for the website. Look for a website maker that will make it easy for you to build a website with a good look on mobile.


The average price of a website builder service is between the range of $4-$25 monthly. Choose a website maker that meets your budget constraints and you can use it for a long term period.

After making choice of your website builder, you may need to check some educational documents or videos on the site of the company. Typically, such companies offer tutorials to be aware of all the features available. If you spend a little time to review those materials, it will be significantly easy for you to build your website.

Scroll down to read our indepth Website Maker Platforms guide. What you should know, Website Maker Platforms features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Website Maker Platforms as a ecommerce, everything is explained below.

Overview of Website Maker

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