What Is A Parcel Package

What Is A Parcel Package

What Is A Parcel Package?

If your package isnt a letter, postcard, or a large flat envelope, its a parcel. You will be surprised to find out that parcel packages arent just big boxes.

A lot of mailers send smaller parcels in different classes of mail because parcels deliver the best bang for your postage buck. You can send parcels via the parcel post.

The parcel post is just another postal service for mail thats too heavy for the usual letter post. Its often a bit slower than letter posts. The operation of the parcel post is closely associated with the operation of the railway network which enables delivering parcels in bulk.

Below, I will discuss parcel packages in detail. I will also teach you how to prepare packages and explain how parcel shipping works, so lets get started.

Parcel Dimensions

Commercial parcels measure at least 3 inches high, 6 inches long, and 1/4-inch dense.

Except for Parcel Select and USPS Retail Ground, no mail place can measure over 180 inches in girth and length combined. The girth represents the distance around the densest part, while the length represents the longest dimension. The maximum weight of commercial parcels is about 70 pounds.

Machinable Parcels

Parcels that are prepared so that they can be processed on Postal Service equipment, are considered “machinableâ€￾ parcels. Theyre easier to transfer and deliver, so they also cost less to mail.

Typically, machinable parcels measure no more than 17 inches high, 17 inches wide, and 27 inches long. The maximum weight of machinable parcels is about 25 pounds (35 pounds for Parcel Select and Parcel Return Service, except for printed materials such as books which cant exceed 25 pounds).

Balloon and Oversized Prices for Parcels

Some parcels have specialized prices. For example, large USPS Retail Ground packages that arent heavy (under 20 pounds) get a price for 20-pound packages (balloon price).

Super large USPS Parcel Select or Retail Ground products (more than 108 inches but less than 130 inches in combined girth and length) usually obtain an oversized price.

What is Parcel Shipping?

Parcel shipping represents the shipping for smaller and lighter boxed products. Often, a parcel stands for a package that weighs 100 pounds or less. You can usually move these boxed items without help.

Therefore, if you need to ship a couple of smaller packages, parcel shipping is the best way to send your products because its very affordable and reliable. So, lets learn how to prepare parcel packages.

How To Prepare Packages?

Parcel packages dont require pallets or crates like LTL shipments. Theyre loosely put in trucks. Packing plays a key role when shipping parcel packages because of this reason.

I highly suggest packing parcel products in new and super sturdy boxes. Pick a box thats large enough to accommodate your product and add some protective materials like recycled materials or bubble wrap. I also recommend taping your boxes with tape thats at least 2 inches broad.

Once youve properly packed your product, weigh and measure your box. Take measurements of height, width, and length for each parcel and label your package the same as letters.

Write the recipients address on the top left corner, centered right under the senders address. If youre shipping fragile products, make sure to label your parcel as “FRAGILEâ€￾.

How Does Parcel Shipping Work?

Parcel packages arent that big. Therefore, theyre usually picked up from a location of your choice or at a drop-off location. Then, theyre put on conveyor belts and automatically sorted by machines.

Once thats over, theyre placed into trucks by workers. Parcel carriers often deliver directly to a location or move the parcels a couple of times before final delivery. Its very important to find the right company that will handle the shipping process and delivers packages to residential and business addresses.

Final Parcel Package Tips

Parcel shipping comes with a lot of benefits for smaller businesses. I usually prefer parcel shipping over LTL freight because its ideal for shipping small and individual packages.

Its also fast! Most parcel shipping companies provide speedy overnight shipments. They also ship from drop-off spots and deliver packages to both residential and business addresses.

Parcel shipping can be hard to handle but not if you find the right parcel shipping company that will save you both money and time. The best part? Most services provide tracking details.

Meaning, you can track your package online. Therefore, always select a shipping company that provides tracking info, competitive rates, and high-quality carriers, and other advantages.

Finally, I want to state that although parcel shipping makes a great choice for small packages, sometimes LTL shipping makes a better choice for your shipping needs, so choose smartly.

If your package weighs over 100 pounds, LTL shipping is required. Do you know any good parcel shipping firms? If so, share your suggestions and experiences in the comments below!

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