Why Ecommerce

Why Ecommerce

Why Ecommerce

E-commerce is a electronic faceless transaction that occurs over the internet. It has played a major role in the growth of market shares over the past years. The recent pandemic, COVID-19 has drastically affected the shopping habits of people all over the world, and with the governments issuing a lockdown on major stores and even the minor ones, e-commerce has become a part of our everyday lives. If you have a business and have any intention of running that business for a long period, it is important to include e-commerce in your business plan.

Classification of e-commerce

E-commerce is such a wide field that it has been divided into the following categories.

Consumer to provider e-commerce: This occurs mostly between retailers to consumers. In other cases, between wholesalers and consumers. This is when shoppers buy products from online stores for their personal use without any intentions of gaining profit from them.

Manufacturers to manufacturers

In this case, manufacturers of raw material sell their raw materials to other manufacturers that use them to produce finished goods.

Manufacturer to distributors

This classification describes when manufacturers of already finished goods sell their products to wholesalers for distribution.

What makes e-commerce so important?

E-commerce has so many great benefits that impact businesses and the economy as a whole positively. These benefits are as follows:

Increased Visibility

A major problem with brick-and-mortar stores is that the customers received are limited to people that are in a certain geographical region at that period. E-commerce stores make it possible for anyone at any place to access your site, regardless of the number of people and the geographical region they reside in. Hence, leading to increased traffic and sales.

Lower Cost of Operation

E-commerce reduces the cost of operation because expenses such as rent, electricity bills, among other bills are eliminated. This allows business owners to invest the money that would have been used to purchase those things into other aspects of their business thereby allowing that business to grow at a quicker rate.

Increased Accessibility

The average store is opened for 18 hours a day. But when using e-commerce, your business is available 24 hours a day, all week long. This makes your business accessible to customers of different schedules and work times allowing them to shop at your site when it is best convenient for them.

Lower Prices of Products

Due to the high cost of operation in brick-and-mortar stores, products tend to be more costly. Like said earlier e-commerce reduces the cost of operation, therefore, reducing the prices of goods. If following the law of demand as expected, you are sure to have a great increase in sales when the prices of your products are low.

It Is Convenient and Easy

This is the major benefit of e-commerce stores. It is so convenient and easy to use. Your customers don’t have to worry about traveling long distances, getting stuck in traffic, or running out of gas. They get to seat in the comfort of their homes, workplaces, restaurants, or favorite coffee shop and splurge on your site as much as they desire.

E-commerce is very vital to the economy and businesses that engage in online marketing. Not only is it convenient for its users, it also creates jobs for people by allowing them to start businesses without the need for a large capital. It is common knowledge that most known brands and businesses engage in e-commerce, this is because they are already familiar with its wonderful benefits and have understood how to tap into it and utilize it to their best interest. The COVID-19 pandemic is the best time to embrace this great invention and be assured to see its benefits.

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Overview of Why Ecommerce

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