Wish Dropshipping

Wish Dropshipping

Wish Dropshipping

It is astonishingly that the most important mobile shopping app is Wish, not the popular Amazon or eBay product, Wish is, an eCommerce company founded by Google engineer, Danny Zhang, and a Yahoo engineer, Peter Szulczewski in 2010. Wish was named Google's best-selling e-shop in 2014 and is now at 200+ million global users around the world, just four years after it was founded.

A Description Of The Wish Marketplace

At present Wish is the leading shopping site on the Android OS and Apple IOS shopping site. As a result, it offers any dropshipper a very wide market to conveniently sell its goods to an existing, ready-to-buy buyer.

Wish now has more than 300 million subscribers using smartphones and PCs on the website. For whatever product you might be selling, this makes the audience very big.

Wish Facebook fan page that is used to recommend items for users now has an impressive subscription of +1 billion.

Wish tracks more than 250,000 active day-to-day shoppers from more than 70 nations. These everyday shoppers produce more than 1.5 million orders daily and some 200 million items are included on the site.

Engaging With Wish Dropshipping

For every dropshipping seller, your only difficulty is to find your goods in a marketplace. To find your products' marketplace also involves creating a common online site, smartphone app, and then paying for e-commerce plugins, etc.

Wish dropshipping offers all this, which is why you must get onto the portal as quickly as possible. For example, for any product that you want, Wish is already offering a large marketplace (over 300 million users and over 1 billion Facebook followers), and also it had a famous mobile app already for shopping, an easy-to-use online store, and a big payment portal. So sale on the target platform is lucrative.

These Are The Things To Think About Before Dropshipping On Wish

Competitive Price

For low-price products, Wish is common. Consumers' preferences are those of seeking cheap goods, as you need to optimize product pricing to satisfy consumers' needs if you want to sell well as a drop shipper. For example, camera drones, sometimes cost approximately $1000 and are available on the Wish for as low as $30 or even less.

Since buyers are expected to meet low prices, it is also a smart choice to sell only portable and very inexpensive goods. Quality is also critical and you can take this into account to reduce the amount of refund and to increase the profit margins.

Products Approved For Branding

You must get permission to sell branded merchandise from the label owners if you have to dropship them off. This approach is meant to stop the misuse of goods and the denial of rights. Getting brand approval does not mean you need branded goods, it is just evidence of the brand owner's approval that you need. This can be registered, trademarked, invoiced by the seller, etc.

Only New Products

Any goods sold on Wish need to be brand new. Wish does not allow the selling of items used or renovated. There are therefore so many lower quality items, don't wholesale bulk items from liquidation websites.

How A Dropshipper Can Start Selling On The Wish

Researching For Wholesales Supplier

A wholesale retailer is the first move before selling on Wish.

Dropshippers are not suppliers of goods; they are just middlemen between customers and manufacturers. Dropshippers purchase these wholesalers at very low costs and only market the products to customers at a premium price.

You can find millions of high-priced products on Chinabrands that you can conveniently market to customers at even cheaper costs and make decent profits. Chinabrands is a wholesaler dropshipping.

Chinabrands also support API with more than 20 websites such as Wish, Aliexpress, Shopify, Shopee, and Lazada, among others. You can merge one Chinabrands account with a multi-store account. This allows you to maintain an automated method of order management.

Alibaba.com, aliexpress.com, and other Chinese entire suppliers are also available as dropship suppliers.

The Best Products Categories Selling On Wish

When you have a wholesale dealer, you should find bulk goods that are able to be paid for by customers. Wish sells the following product categories: fashion, shoes, upgrading of phones, home furniture, bags and wallets, babies & kids, tops, and makeup, etc. Wish offers the highest selling product.

There are several other categories to pick from and it is often important to try the market a couple of times before committing to a certain category.

Signing Up For Wish Seller Account

After you have seen a wholesale provider and a concept of an item, it's time to build an account for the wish seller account and add your goods to the store. You need to log into the Wish trader account page and click on the signup button to build your Wish seller account.

Wish will be asking for some specific information during your registration. Your cell phone number, email address, home address and payment details will be requested. You only have to choose a name that you are pleased with for a long time when selecting a store name. This is because Wish does not authorize you to change your seller's name after finishing the registration.

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Overview of Wish Dropshipping

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